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PostModern Collapse Sketch Comedy

Hey! So, our boy Anthony is co-hosting this sketch comedy night with the PostModern Collapse crew on Saturday, April 27th at some place called The Hangar, starting at 9 PM. You should go. We’re going. I mean, probably. We can’t say for sure. It’s just that it’s late notice and we might’ve made plans that we’re not currently aware of at this moment. Ugh! Stop being pressuring us. Okay, we’re going! We’ll see you there, buddy. We will see you there.

#rsd2013 #recordstoreday
#rsd2013 #recordstoreday

Impossible! Inconceivable, even!

In the studio. #rhgram
In the studio. #rhgram

We got back a second round from the incredibly busy Chaz. Here’s three Moms for your approval. We dig the Mom in the middle. Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Mom sketches by Charles Zoubek

Sketches by Charles Zoubek | Copyright 2013

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Thank You For Stopping By with Gavin Bernard is an informatively amazing web series featuring prominent people that know Gavin. Filmed on a set built in what was once Josh’s dining room, Gavin conducts 2-minute-or-less interviews of friends and acquaintances living in and around the Atlanta area.

Follow Gavin on Twitter | @TYFSB
Watch the TYFSB Channel | YouTube



By day, Josh is the marketing coordinator of a kickass IT company in Atlanta, Georgia. He writes blog posts, does case studies, and produces videos along with a plethora of other marketing materials, all whilst enjoying the benefits of working in a ROWE. Josh’s says it’s his hope that the content he creates never feels like an advertisement, which kinda sounds like an advertisement for Josh. Way to go, sell out.
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Come to Hammond Attenborough’s Fantastical Vacation Dome™, where the rich get what they deserve: Everything.

After completing everything else on his bucket list, billionaire mogul and quasi-adventurer Hammond Attenborough sets out to build the world’s largest and most thrilling luxury resort. Finding his grandiose plan rejected by every reputable city, he’s forced to take his one-of-a-kind and morally questionable project to the economically depressed area of Detroit, Michigan. Now, the Motor City skyline shines bright with his massive, enclosed resort where every guest’s fantasy is catered to, provided they can pay the asking price.
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“By it’s nature, the city provides what otherwise could be given only by traveling; namely, the strange.” ― Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Reynoldstown is a strange place; an area of the city in transition and the kind of neighborhood where a traphouse sits uncomfortably next to a midcentury modern. It’s is populated by hipsters, gutterpunks, new families, single yuppies, wannabe rappers, and the last holdouts of a soon-to-close housing project.
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So, Josh has a bunch of records and he hangs out with a lot of people who have even more (and arguably better) records. They get together at Octane in Atlanta once a month for something called Free Spin. “Free” as in there’s no charge to check it out. “Free” as in the DJs play for free. And “free” as in they’re free to play what they want, provided it’s on wax. You’ll hear a mix of funk, disco, soul and everything else in between from four cats with some seriously deep crates. Come to the next Free Spin and see Josh + friends dig deep in their record bins and pull out the best boogie sounds around.
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