Reddinghill is us.


cool pic of atlanta sketch comedy group reddinghill

Hi, we’re Reddinghill, an Atlanta sketch comedy group. We make videos and post them to YouTube. You should watch them.

Well, you don’t have to. That was weird how we started telling how to live your life. Sorry. But it would be nice if you did watch them at some point. No pressure though. Really.

picture of a comedy video from atlanta sketch group reddinghill

God, this isn’t going like we thought it would. You know what? We’ll just sit down, do some brainstorming and really knock this introduction out of the park. I bet by the time you refresh this page, we’ll have written something really killer here. Awesome.

Oh. And up there, in that last paragraph. We didn’t capitalize the word God to like force our religion down your throat. Not that we’re religious. Or averse to people who are religious. It was just the first word in the sentence. Damn. We capitalized it again in this one, and it wasn’t even the first word. Okay. Let’s start over. We’re Scientologists. Whew. Saved it.

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