June 2015

Blackfish Documentary Trailer | Tilikum | Reddinghill

Blackfish Documentary Remix

This alternate trailer for the documentary Blackfish shows the continuing psychotic adventures of Tilikum, the killer whale from SeaWorld with a heart of gold and a belly full of trainers.

Joshua Flail | Reddinghill | Atlanta Sketch Comedy


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Joshua James is a writer, director and editor at Reddinghill. He was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, a city referred to in a 2012 New York Times article as “the nation’s poorest city.” It’s also the …


Tarble Blarth

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Travis Broyles is a writer, assistant director, and editor at Reddinghill. He works as the unofficial brand ambassador for Uncrustables, was married to Academy Award Winner Meryl Streep, and is one-thousand years old. Travis grew …

Anthony Todaro | Reddinghill | Atlanta Sketch Comedy Group


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Anthony Todaro is a writer and performer in Atlanta sketch comedy group Reddinghill. He is also a human toaster. Anthony cut his teeth real bad at Relapse Theatre, a staple of the Atlanta comedy scene …


The Gavin Bernard

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Gavin Bernard is a writer, actor, and the host of Thank You For Stopping By, a show on YouTube starring Gavin Bernard and produced by Atlanta sketch comedy group Reddinghill in collaboration with MASS Collective. …