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Atlanta sketch comedy group Reddinghill has lots of friends. Well, some friends. A couple friends. Well, at least we have each other. We’re so lonely…

Jason Darby | Atlanta Sketch Comedy | Reddinghill

Jason Darby

Jason has appeared in several of Reddinghill’s sketches for Ladie’s Night at The Village Theatre, and doesn’t complain about it like some people we won’t mention by name. Gavin. Aside from being a fucking natural actor, Jason’s ability to ad lib with a scene should earn him a writing credit. But it doesn’t, cause we can be dicks.

You can follow Jason on Tumblr and Instagram.

Samm Severin | Atlanta Sketch Comedy | Reddinghill

Samm Severin

Samm is one of Atlanta’s most recognizable stand up comedians. She’s cool. But not like too cool, or like trying to be cool. Just cool. Like Great Value ice cream sandwiches and Patrick Stewart. That’s like a perfect metaphor. Wow. Anywoo, Samm has been kind enough to be in our sketches. Cool.

You can follow Samm Severin on Twitter and read this interview with her and Travis from 2014.

Queen Bun | Reddinghill Sketch Comedy

The Bun

Leah Hill is a Bun. And there is only one Bun. She is the wife of Reddinghill director Josh Flail, but even that hasn’t held her back. Leah is just about the best unpaid, non-union production assistant in the business. She also helps with costuming and has done some voice-over work. We’ve even forced her to appear in one or two. All hail Queen Bun!

Leah sells stuff on her Etsy shop, Cardinal Foxes and you can follow her on Pinterest.

Nathan Honnold | Friends of Reddinghill | Atlanta Comedy

Nathan Honnold

Nathan is an Atlanta writer and director whose film Thomas Bennett won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 2014 Atlanta Film Festival. Nathan is a prolific filmmaker, and his videos have been shown at SxSW, Cucalorlus, and the Big Muddy Film Festival. He also smoked baking soda on cue and allowed us to blindfold him. A true professional.

You can watch Nathan’s films on Vimeo.