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Joshua James

is a writer, director and editor at Reddinghill. He was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, a city referred to in a 2012 New York Times article as “the nation’s poorest city.” It’s also the pretzel capital of the world and home to several of Joshes favorite sandwich shops.

Oh, and a pagoda for some reason.

Reading, Pennsylvania | Reddinghill | Sketch Comedy

Josh graduated with an Associate Degree in Advertising Art from Penn College after a short six years. He came to Atlanta in 2007 with his current wife, Leah, and has since produced content for The Atlantan, Maximus Thor, Ligiddy, and monthly sketch comedy showcase Ladie’s Night.

Joshua James thinks he's a DJ

Josh is on the advisory board for MASS Collective, a newly opened makerspace in Atlanta. And like every other white dude in a flat-brimmed hat, he once had a monthly DJ night at a coffeeshop. Tight, dude.

You can follow Joshes on Twitter and check out the digital marketing company he and Travis run. I mean, you don’t have to, but I’m sure he’d appreciate it. You know how these artsy types crave that kind of attention. *pukes*