The Reddinghill Boys

Thank You For Stopping By, Season Too!

You read it right, folks! Atlanta’s most ignored web series is back with a whole new, mostly un-filmed second season! Congrats to us! And to you, reader of great news! Exclamation point!

If you don’t know, and pageviews indicate that you don’t, Thank You For Stopping By has it’s very own website where you can catch up on episodes, read about the fascinating life of one Gavin Bernard, and maybe even sign up for one of our video production courses at MASS Collective. You don’t have to, but there’s literally nothing stopping you. It’s your life, dammit.

Check out the first episode from TYFSB Season 2 above. It features Atlanta artist Sean Fahie… and robes. That’s a twofer right there. You’re welcome!

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